Property Management offering

Property Management

Our mission is to provide an unparalleled service for our landlords to ensure the efficient and reliable management of their investment & to eliminate any contact between landlords & tenants.


Many tenants prefer to rent managed properties and by instructing you are ensuring that there is care for both your property and your tenant. Tenants often prefer to rent managed properties, as they feel they get immediate recall if they encounter problems. We have developed comprehensive techniques for controlling every aspect of management and recognise the variety of skills needed to be effective; we have an organised structure to perform all accounting functions, Landlord and Tenant liaison including queries, arrears etc and the day to day management closely coordinated under the control of a Senior Account Manager.


Our services

  • Collection of rents and paying all outgoings
  • Landlord login for Real Time account information
  • Issuing Monthly Landlord Statements / Payments.
  • Dealing with Non-Resident Landlord Tax
  • Arranging at the start of the tenancy, inventories and cleaning as needed.
  • Undertaking repairs as necessary, using a comprehensive register of approved contractors.
  • Carrying out inspections to ascertain maintenance requirements to ensuring that your investment is kept in good condition
  • At the end of the tenancy, arranging the check out, deposit allocation and ensuring the good condition of the property to be re-let.
  • Providing an emergency helpdesk.
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